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New Gene Wolfe forumAaron_singleton07-27-10  07:47 am
Ursula Le Guin Collecting Signatures for Anti-Google-Settlement Pet...Francesgrimble01-13-10  05:36 pm
The Next Google Settlement Opt-Out DeadlineFrancesgrimble01-11-10  08:16 pm
writers, characters, and biasesEmmalyn10-10-09  11:57 am
Blogging and WritingEmmalyn10-10-09  11:43 am
Call for Entries: Poets & Writers Welcome! (Semi-annual)Andrewest03-25-10  01:18 am
SF/F - What the Heck Is Wrong With it?! - Part 2Jao67 08-18-09  04:21 pm
Using This As A Message Board, May Surprising's UpJohn_thiel05-01-09  05:12 pm
Google/Author's Guild SettlementFrancesgrimble04-25-09  01:19 pm
The Internet Review of Science FictionJohn_thiel12 04-12-09  10:21 am
Easter Eggs For F&SFJohn_thiel04-12-09  10:20 am
Where's Nick Mamatas?John_thiel04-12-09  10:17 am
Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest: Deadline: July 31, 2009Andrewest03-08-09  05:04 pm
DreamQuestOne Writing Contests: Deadline: December 31, 2008Andrewest03-08-09  04:52 pm
Conrad Williams's novella and other bargainsGary_fry03-07-09  03:07 am
2009 Crash Predicted in 1935 Science Fiction!Dflewis01-15-09  01:18 am
SURPRISING STORIES January 2009--Happy New Year!John_thiel01-02-09  11:45 am
Book View Cafe: free fictionSuelange12-23-08  07:24 am
Forgotten book title/author - please help recallKadam11-14-08  04:29 am
Book signingAhmedakhan11-07-08  05:10 am
Lost (TV Series) - spoilers?Cmc11-05-08  01:16 pm
When The Gypsy Makes His Violin CryJohn_thiel11-03-08  09:58 am
What is your favorite Cthulhu Mythos story? John_thiel22 10-29-08  12:35 pm
The Lord of the Rings Satirized in One SentenceJohn_thiel10-29-08  12:30 pm
Topic TurvicJohn_thiel09-08-08  07:16 am
Nebula Awards - What Do You Recommend?Dflewis09-02-08  01:34 am
Surprising Stories, Yea Yea!John_thiel09-01-08  05:32 pm
Writer asking for some helpMarkh08-12-08  08:53 am
HE SOLD EON EGGSJohn_thiel08-05-08  05:34 pm
Great non-super-hero comics/graphic novelsJack_m_vance21 07-03-08  03:11 am
Nebula Awards WebsiteDaviddebeer07-01-08  01:52 am
A New Anthology In the OffingAhmedakhan06-25-08  08:19 am
Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest: Deadline: July 31, 2008Andrewest06-13-08  02:42 pm
Question about accountsSpencer06-02-08  08:31 am
a question about paperSpencer05-23-08  09:33 am
SF Waxes PhilosophicalAhmedakhan18 05-17-08  08:26 am
BragAhmedakhan05-16-08  08:01 am
What What (in the Butt)Lukedjlaw05-09-08  01:33 pm
EC ComicsSpencer05-08-08  09:08 am
It's....No, It's Surprising!John_thiel04-30-08  05:30 pm
John Twelve Hawks -- The TravelerRb336120 04-01-08  05:11 am
You can be a character in a James Sallis or Eliz. Moon novelGordon_van_gelder03-26-08  06:41 pm
Looking for a Scifi Book and of course I forgot name and title?Help...Blue_tyson02-28-08  10:09 pm
Space Opera and Humour anthologiesBlue_tyson02-28-08  09:34 pm
Collectors, booksellers, and Night Shade BooksJlassen10 02-28-08  06:34 pm
Glen Cook -The Wrath of KingsRazuur02-27-08  01:18 pm
Computer Genius NeededSpencer02-24-08  07:36 am
Welcome Back Everyone!Rwilder02-15-08  12:42 pm
Is There Nepotism in SF?Dflewis01-07-08  12:53 am
Up and Cooking, Give It a LookingJohn William Thiel12-31-07  03:33 pm
Large image test .............Matts Rosenbom10 12-26-07  02:48 pm
Sci Fi Reading Advicedavid frederick stuc12-21-07  06:53 pm
Looking for a Fantasy storydavid frederick stuc12-21-07  06:36 pm
Two spaces after every sentence?Atlee Anderson14 12-04-07  12:00 pm
Key horror novels – 70s/80sBeth Ryans19 12-04-07  08:22 am
e-magazines?Fabrice Doublet12-03-07  06:46 am
Another Colorful Life: An Interview with Andre West of Dream Quest OneAndre West12-02-07  11:44 am
Need help,please - having a senior moment!Fabrice Doublet11-13-07  07:57 am
Dream Quest One Writing Competition: Deadline: December 31, 2007Ryan Strange11-05-07  08:07 am
Beta Testers needed for High Fantasy web siteTim Martin10-16-07  01:38 pm
The September SURPRISING Is Now Most Proudly UpJohn William Thiel10-07-07  10:49 am
Orion's Child Science Fiction & Fantasy MagazineMark McCormick09-15-07  03:44 am
ADBUSTERS Oct-Nov 07Luke Jackson08-23-07  05:58 pm
Apex Digest in troubleBrandon Layng08-14-07  02:42 pm
Armor and Armor II by John Steakley.Alexander Astrophysi08-13-07  10:49 pm
looking for a book from the 1970'sCurt Phillips08-13-07  05:34 pm
World Fantasy Awardsfay swan30 08-08-07  03:08 am
Gardner is homePM07-28-07  04:03 pm
Traveling into magical booksSpencer Pate07-28-07  02:53 pm
The Coyote UniverseSpencer Pate07-22-07  07:08 pm
Is NSB going to publish Lees of Laughter's End ?Charles Nadeau07-17-07  03:59 pm
Editorial / Publication WorkflowDflewis07-16-07  10:27 am
Fictitious Force - A SF Magazine Jonathan Laden07-12-07  01:57 pm
Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest: Postmark deadline: July 3...Andre West07-03-07  02:27 pm
Rarity from the Hollow and The Missouri Reviewrobert eggleton06-28-07  02:43 pm
Old Earth BooksMichael J. Walsh06-28-07  02:16 pm
Clarion West AuctionsVylar Kaftan06-25-07  02:11 pm
New York City Bookstores?John Klima22 06-22-07  09:50 pm
NEWS: IROSF defers next issue during site redesign.Bluejack06-20-07  11:13 pm
Conrad Williams and co.Gary Fry06-16-07  04:56 am
Indie publisher fire saleSpencer Pate06-14-07  08:21 am
What book is this? Can you help?John Klima05-13-07  10:04 pm
Night Shade beta-testersNightshadebooks05-01-07  04:51 pm
"I Hope To Give You A Surprise"--Bob DylanJohn William Thiel04-30-07  05:54 pm
Bulls**t JobsVanessa Van Wagner04-28-07  03:41 pm
The Jamie Bishop and Jocelyne Couture-Nowak ScholarshipsJeff VanderMeer04-28-07  08:17 am
The Man the Horror Community ForgotEllen Datlow04-14-07  08:50 am
2007 New York Book Festival - call for entriesGordon Van Gelder03-22-07  01:20 pm
Anthology CallAhmed A. Khan30 03-20-07  07:42 pm
SF Seminar in Tokyo, a pre-Worldcon specialYoshio Kobayashi03-05-07  07:09 pm
Mount Washington StoryAhmed A. Khan02-18-07  08:55 am
Margaret Atwood -- Is she this annoying in real life?Matt Hughes13 02-17-07  11:11 pm
Did I Imagine all this ?BobbySample02-13-07  12:16 pm
The Internet Review of Science FictionBlunt Jackson02-07-07  10:56 pm
Paul Finch: new bookGary Fry02-05-07  01:12 am
The Glass Books of the Dream EatersDflewis02-04-07  01:08 pm
Question about rightsVylar Kaftan01-08-07  01:58 pm
Question on libraries and publishersSean Wallace01-07-07  09:12 am
Manachino's in SURPRISINGJohn William Thiel12-31-06  06:20 pm
Shimmer Magazine - new Spec Fiction MarketMary Robinette Kowal138 12-16-06  03:52 pm
Give An Unknown Author A BreakSean Wallace43 12-12-06  08:52 am
On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers AssociationEllen Datlow11-20-06  12:16 pm
What should I do with old journals and writing?Spencer Pate11-18-06  08:20 am
Oceans of the MindAlec McMath11-14-06  04:53 pm
Companies who sell new copies on AmazonBrendan Connell11-04-06  07:00 am
Is SciFi Dot Com Tottering?John William Thiel12 11-02-06  12:27 pm
Collecting Books -- as expensive as any addictionGerry Daumiller18 10-24-06  07:32 pm
My Books Are Warping!William Lexner10-22-06  09:23 am
Help Needed -PeterJackson 'interactive stories' homeworkIain Wheeler10-14-06  05:18 am
Cause4cats.comEllen Datlow10-09-06  11:11 am
The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open: Deadline: Jan...Andre West10-02-06  06:30 am
When should a story be trunked?Carole Hall09-29-06  08:13 am
Am I Approaching An Anomaly?John William Thiel09-29-06  07:58 am
Closing down the message boards?PM54 09-21-06  08:24 am
Charles L. Grant RIPKelly Christopher Sh10 09-20-06  09:24 am
Contact info for T. E. D. Klein?Chris Dodson09-17-06  02:35 pm
New Fiction Writing Contest WebsiteJohn Doe09-16-06  11:28 pm
Don't you want Howard Waldrop's voice on your answering machine?...Gordon Van Gelder09-14-06  08:30 pm
Seeking LADY CHURCHILL'S #s 1 and 2Sean Melican09-12-06  05:48 pm
Does Anyone Here Speak Spanish?Spencer Pate09-11-06  01:28 pm
Nothing Surprises This BoardJohn William Thiel09-01-06  06:23 am
Looking for Writing Group in NJJose Sierra08-10-06  12:00 pm
help!! need to find this book, please.David Willoughby08-03-06  03:53 pm
Modern ArtDflewis07-12-06  12:10 am
Help me find this book I've forgotten?Jon Monsarrat07-03-06  10:43 pm
Moderators wantedSpencer Pate07-03-06  07:55 am
EpicSFF in search of editorsShane M.07-02-06  05:07 am
LACon IV: Rideshare? (Portland, OR)Edward Morris06-29-06  09:33 am
Message board updateskoaco418 06-14-06  08:19 pm
Jim Grimsley's Story Killed at Asimov's.Steven Francis Murph06-09-06  01:26 pm
A Million Visionary ThoughtsAndre West06-04-06  09:56 am
Is global warming a myth?Spencer Pate17 06-01-06  01:02 pm
Triumvirate of Terrorjames beach05-22-06  01:09 pm
"Logging In" Is HypnosisJohn William Thiel05-16-06  04:45 pm
Comments on new media conceptMatt White05-13-06  12:57 pm
Problem With Title of a NovelMaggie Blue05-10-06  07:26 pm
Has anybody read 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell'Dflewis18 05-04-06  08:39 am
PODTest27 05-03-06  12:54 pm
Is too much self-promotion counterproductive?Dflewis25 05-03-06  06:18 am
StampsColettePhair05-01-06  11:53 am
Surprising, The Month Of MayJohn William Thiel04-30-06  06:31 pm
Any chance of Bob Shaw's books getting picked up hereBruce Paul04-28-06  10:51 am
Call For Papers: Pleasures of the Imagination in Science FictionALSC04-14-06  08:01 am
SF/F Art Auction - Palencar, Eggleton, Vallejo, Foster, and othersGordon Van Gelder04-12-06  12:45 pm
"Health" trends: Anna Tambour asks you to please readAlistair Rennie15 04-12-06  06:38 am
Is Communication On The Net Counter-Productive?des04-12-06  03:52 am
New Fantasy Magazine WebsiteJohn William Thiel04-11-06  06:53 am
First line of book "first impressions?" what is the book title?...AlexCarr04-06-06  06:31 am
First Novel AwardEllen Datlow04-05-06  04:34 pm
"Politics and Religion" issue out nowKhan04-03-06  03:55 am
Anybody want some old (1960's) fantasy and science fiction copies...Melissa Poelling04-02-06  12:06 pm
1950s question - plastic carpet runners?Kirsten Bishop03-31-06  03:52 pm
Stoker Prelim vampire story "The Good Part": Free download from Tru...Trunk Stories03-23-06  02:13 pm
TQR -- new market seeking submissionsJetse03-14-06  09:41 am
Strange Musiciotar79 03-14-06  06:48 am
Astronomy workshop for writers (survey)Vylar Kaftan03-10-06  10:57 am
Book about other dimensionskstaralways03-08-06  06:37 pm
Book about other dimensionskstaralways03-08-06  06:31 pm
More music....jk03-08-06  06:25 pm
Top 10 Fantastical Literature Listsreman ali28 03-08-06  12:50 am
Zombie SimulatorJeff Bryant03-02-06  07:26 am
Octavia Butler?Bob Urell12 03-01-06  09:20 am
A Writer's Mandalades03-01-06  12:51 am
H.P. LovecraftAlistair13 02-13-06  11:12 am
Waldrop newsE Thomas02-05-06  02:46 pm
The Liberal Intelligentsia and Shameless Self-PromotionLuke Jackson02-02-06  12:38 am
Haffner Press Editions...Ed S.01-30-06  01:38 pm
SciFi Com's Really Pulling In Its BeltJohn Thiel01-30-06  06:28 am
Cool slognatipal01-27-06  12:48 pm
Works in Progress-1natipal21 01-27-06  12:03 pm
Best Australian SF of 2004John Thiel29 01-23-06  06:55 am
SF vs Fantasy TaxonomyJeremy Lassen01-19-06  01:02 pm
John Fowles, RIPGeoffrey Maloney01-17-06  03:09 am
Stephen Volk: creator of AFTERLIFE and GHOSTWATCHGary Fry01-12-06  08:13 am
Ramsey Campbell...Michael Marshall Smith...Tim Lebbon...and more!Gary Fry10 01-12-06  08:12 am
Gene Wolfe Easton PressRob Davies01-11-06  07:28 am
Reader As Publisherdes14 01-01-06  01:06 am
Look Ye and SeeJohn Thiel12-31-05  04:01 pm
The SF Murphy and Barry ThreadSFM12-16-05  10:04 pm
Speculative fiction writers interviewed at bloggasmMarm12-16-05  03:02 pm
The Caterer: The only comic you will ever needsteve aylett12-15-05  07:27 am
The ED SF ProjectStephen12-12-05  01:33 pm
What is Horror?des45 12-12-05  08:30 am
Jonathan Lethem wins MacArthur AwardRahul K12-06-05  03:49 am
ONE MILLION A.D. and FOURTH PLANETGabriel Setterborg12-01-05  08:21 am
Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre OverviewAT11-29-05  01:22 pm
'zine debut TRUNK STORIESGordon Van Gelder18 11-26-05  09:11 am
TRUNK STORIES #3!?neil a11-22-05  01:32 am
Thought for youMukas Didysis11-13-05  09:53 am
Fat kids hate lifeJohn Thiel25 11-11-05  03:49 pm
Touched by His Noodly AppendageAliceB11-11-05  01:02 pm
Patenting plot linesallochthon11-04-05  06:13 am
"Trancendental" SF/Fantasy/Horror?Matt rules10-30-05  05:37 pm
The Tyranny of PaperCornelius Kappabani11 10-29-05  06:32 am
Music and writingCornelius Kappabani12 10-26-05  08:42 am
Review Nightshadebooks.com at AmazonCornelius Kappabani10-25-05  05:29 am
Harry Potter MadnessCornelius Kappabani10-24-05  06:51 am
The Water MarginAlistair21 10-18-05  10:37 am
MirrorMask competition Blaze10-17-05  06:04 am
Norman Spinrad on "The New Weird"Ellen Datlow10-11-05  04:01 pm
Who are these guys? Elastic and ENC.Andrew Hook12 10-10-05  02:30 am
TranslationsCornelius Kappabani42 10-08-05  04:52 am
What books are you looking forward to in 2006?kellys12 09-22-05  12:53 pm
Tokyo CallingMarcL09-21-05  04:10 pm
Anything about NO, Katrina, etcNeal Stanifer69 09-16-05  05:45 pm
David MorrellLynda Rucker09-13-05  02:05 pm
Howard Waldrop ms for sale!!!Michael Walsh09-11-05  01:36 pm
Can anyone here recommend a good collection of ghost storiesRetch18 08-19-05  04:46 pm
Night Shade needs a programmergary wassner08-17-05  07:16 pm
SF/Fantasy--What's Wrong With it?Obvious312 08-16-05  01:40 pm
Can you ID this book?MarcL08-11-05  03:16 pm
All-Time Favorite Horror Stories?Carl A.40 08-05-05  12:19 am
Spectrum Exhibit in NYIrene Gallo08-03-05  10:21 am
Graham Joyce Piece in Salon TodayWilliam Lexner07-31-05  02:35 pm
Scifantastic Print Magazine - submissions wantedscifantastic07-31-05  12:48 pm
Lies, Inc.-Philip K. Dick-did i miss something?ralph2307-30-05  11:18 pm
Wrangling with fantasyVera Nazarian37 07-26-05  07:07 pm
What is the best SF e-workshop?Jean-Loup Benet07-22-05  12:00 pm
The World According to Zack the AnonymousJV07-22-05  06:45 am
Have you hugged your political officer today?Jim12 07-22-05  06:32 am
Susanna Clarke on English v. American MythZack73 07-21-05  03:59 pm
New Science Fiction Booksteve r11 07-19-05  10:56 am
Electronic Downloads on AmazonMarcL07-19-05  08:49 am
Amazon ShortsJohn Klima07-18-05  09:45 am
Yet Another Stinking Movement -- <b>Islands in the Stream</b>....AT07-12-05  04:58 pm
Bookstore listingsmdh07-11-05  10:44 am
Wimbledon'tAlistair07-06-05  03:31 am
TRUNK STORIES #1 free downloadgagasaurus07-01-05  07:48 pm
Major new anthology! Campbell, Lebbon, Clark, Burleson, Royle, Mars...gagasaurus07-01-05  07:46 pm
Pulp Fictiongagasaurus07-01-05  07:43 pm
Forum suggestiongagasaurus07-01-05  07:38 pm
Best Fantastical Fiction of the Last Decade (1992-2002)gagasaurus AKA GagT07-01-05  07:36 pm
Intestines good, boobies bad.Dave G.06-29-05  12:07 pm
Looking for a bookJustin Perry06-28-05  09:24 am
Help Save PBS & NPRTCO06-22-05  07:09 am
Mass-Market Paperbacks, Hardcovers, and Trade PaperbacksEllen Datlow15 06-20-05  03:39 pm
The Minotaur in Pamplona, Books I and IIneil a06-16-05  01:22 am
World Fantasy Convention stuffRaymond Williams06-14-05  05:15 pm
Public ApologyStephy Doerr22 06-13-05  07:24 pm
You should read this!Babelfish06-09-05  08:50 am
Mongolian Death Worm??!!??Anna Tambour11 06-01-05  07:42 pm
Reading, like fine wine or cheese...MarcL05-24-05  04:11 pm
Accidental GenesisVidar05-21-05  08:01 am
Petition for Alan Moore's PROMETHEAKelly S.05-17-05  07:14 am
Reasons why you should quit smoking nowanon05-14-05  10:51 am
Survey--Help out?JV05-12-05  01:04 pm
S.F. CuisineMarcL05-11-05  10:49 pm
Recommend me some books!Ellen Datlow24 05-11-05  04:00 pm
Daikaiju: Giant Monster TalesDunmore05-06-05  07:55 pm
Lovecraftian Article in The OnionMarcL05-04-05  11:32 am
InterNOVA - The Magazine of International Science FictionClarkesworld30 05-02-05  08:09 am
Sci fi / action audio booksSummer04-29-05  03:39 pm
"The problem with s.f. today..."Mastadge04-26-05  09:03 am
Where's Kage?Bob Urell43 04-25-05  12:37 am
Thw Gods of Pegana 100 yearsMartinus04-23-05  08:46 am
Politics and religionR.Wilder04-22-05  02:08 pm
Trunk Stories #2!Trunk Stories04-20-05  10:21 am
Call for submissionsN/A04-18-05  11:01 am
Fab 5 for Non-FictionSimon Owens04-17-05  10:44 am
Small Press Gathering, uk.Rhys04-11-05  01:50 am
Alistair Rennie fiction AnnaT04-09-05  01:10 am
The Book of Voicesneil a04-08-05  01:19 am
Saul Bellow RIPMarcL04-06-05  05:28 pm
Contract woesVylar Kaftan04-06-05  08:44 am
Questionsnealasher04-01-05  01:26 am
Bonsai BASE jumping!Rhys10 03-29-05  03:55 am
Dalkey Archive Press SaleKirsten Bishop03-24-05  03:00 pm
How should I study a market?Carole C03-15-05  01:52 am
Ted Chang on being naiveTed Chiang87 03-13-05  02:14 pm
Genre critics and reviewersJonathan03-09-05  03:51 pm
The Unsung Heros of Genre FictionJeremy Lassen03-09-05  10:56 am
Link-fu... Post your weird, random links hereE Thomas22 03-08-05  12:41 am
Interview with Steve Aylette Jerem Lassen03-04-05  10:07 am
Rick Kleffel, Patrick Neilson Hayden and Charlie Stross...Niall02-26-05  11:01 am
Oscar nominated short films from Salon.comJerem Lassen02-25-05  12:42 pm
Non-genre PublicationsAndrew Hook12 02-24-05  11:38 pm
Arthur Miller just diedMichael Walsh02-13-05  08:44 am
Just Trying It OutJohn Thiel02-11-05  04:43 pm
Joss Whedon Honored with Library DonationJennifer02-09-05  03:03 pm
New Market: Sybil's GarageMarcus Lewison02-08-05  06:27 am
Submission Guidelines - The Elastic Book of Numbersdes02-06-05  01:12 am
Huh?!Mary Shelley02-05-05  04:54 am
Major new anthology Gary Fry01-27-05  11:53 am
A new West Coast writer's tradition?M.K. Hobson01-26-05  08:01 pm
I have written a controversial novel needing an agent/publisher: op...kest44 01-25-05  07:49 pm
New Lit Haven ThreadjeffV33 01-20-05  06:10 pm
Iron Man To Become Homophobic Hate Monger?carole01-16-05  08:12 am
Amazing Stories dead or just on hiatus?george R. Morgan01-13-05  02:16 pm
Black Staticdf lewis01-09-05  02:30 pm
Brutarian Quarterly AnnouncementSimon34 01-07-05  11:37 am
SpaminationJohn Thiel10 01-04-05  07:42 am
A Magazine On Vacation?John Thiel01-04-05  07:39 am
NYTimes on eBooksGeoffrey Phillips12-17-04  06:29 pm
Seasonal Musingsdes12-11-04  10:45 am
Plagiarism, copyright and creativityDave G.20 12-09-04  02:12 pm
Hollywood strikes againAnnaT12-08-04  06:59 pm
Literary Horror ReviewAnon12-04-04  12:22 pm
Philip Roth -- THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICAJeremy Lassen17 11-30-04  11:06 am
An Appeal to SF LoversAhmed A. Khan11-27-04  04:27 pm
Publication in Something You EditAndrew Hook45 11-27-04  11:50 am
Why Thursday?Jeremy Lassen11-26-04  01:34 am
Triumph of the Half-SharpNeal Stanifer11-18-04  02:55 pm
Casino BullshitMarcL17 11-18-04  01:38 pm
This fucking casino spammerJohn Klima11-16-04  08:36 am
Jack Cadyonline casinos11-14-04  05:11 pm
April Fools' Publicityinternet casino11-14-04  05:10 pm
Comics People?Mejores Juegos de Ca11-14-04  05:10 pm
Fusing Horizons issue twocasino games11-14-04  05:10 pm
As Advertised In F&SFcasino11-14-04  05:10 pm
Best Music of 2003?Nuevo Casinos en Lí45 11-14-04  05:10 pm
ChiZine opens to subsonline casinos11-14-04  05:09 pm
An interesting ebay itemGolden tiger casinos11-14-04  05:09 pm
The little hominid "EB1": "The Hobbit"?Anna T11-11-04  01:03 am
New Magazine LaunchSimon Owens89 11-04-04  05:48 pm
Gardner Dozois NOT in a ComaJohn Thiel26 11-04-04  07:53 am
Three articles on the Bush administrationAnna T11-01-04  08:19 pm
Coming soon...Gary Fry10-29-04  11:20 am
Fusing 4Ed10-23-04  12:50 am
New magazine of fictionNeil A10-19-04  01:21 pm
ATTN JasonJonathanReitan10-13-04  03:49 pm
John Hawkes: nobody likes him except me!literature10-08-04  06:48 am
Zohra: The planet of Truth and knowledgeSimon10-05-04  03:32 pm
Pop-Up People: a Querydes10-01-04  08:47 am
Rant and raveNeddal09-29-04  04:50 am
"Eliticism, Criticism, and Constructive Venting of Opinion" by Vera...Neal Stanifer132 09-29-04  04:07 am
Wierd worldviews, or "The cucumber flies from the olive"Neal Stanifer10 09-28-04  04:43 pm
Call for submissionsAhmed A. Khan09-27-04  07:04 am
Call for submissions: 21C A&EAnna Tambour09-21-04  09:08 pm
Gardner Dozois newsSteven Francis Murph09-07-04  09:16 am
Anyone else heard of The Heretic of the North???ssfgamer09-06-04  05:44 pm
ChiZine reopens to fiction submissionsBrett Savory08-31-04  07:52 pm
GothamLit: A new resource and list ellen08-26-04  08:59 pm
Buy or sell books on http://universityauction.netjtoth5508-12-04  01:15 pm
New Market: Irregular QuarterlyJamie16 08-03-04  09:44 am
Fat-Ass-B-GoneJV88 07-29-04  07:41 pm
Image TestingRobert Devevereux07-28-04  03:58 pm
WOMAD 2004Rhys07-22-04  05:18 am
Not Without UsuryJohn Thiel06-29-04  08:00 am
My (low) level of humour...John Thiel06-29-04  07:58 am
Paranoia and All Like ThatJohn Thiel06-12-04  06:53 am
SF/F publication site for readersJohn Thiel06-11-04  07:17 am
Help with The Iliad and other greek goodnessminz22 06-10-04  09:51 am
REQ: Table of ContentsBruce Chrumka06-09-04  05:49 pm
Brian McNaughtonJV06-09-04  10:07 am
Here's a Little Agit for the Never-BelieverJulie Hastin-Ponciff06-08-04  06:37 am
Forged emails from an impostorClaude Lalumière05-28-04  06:59 pm
Fusing Horizons Issue ThreeGary Fry05-25-04  09:57 am
Clenstvooalp05-17-04  07:04 am
AnthologyGary Fry05-14-04  10:07 am
Avalon and 4 Walls 8 WindowsMichael Hemmingson12 05-12-04  03:45 pm
Sell your self-published books!Bob K.05-10-04  11:52 pm
Charles L Grantellen04-27-04  09:08 am
Non-european fantasyAntony14 04-20-04  03:59 am
The Chiaroscuro/ChiZine InterviewsMichael Kelly04-14-04  08:31 pm
RIP Johnny CashRob Eubanks04-11-04  10:05 am
Poppy Z. Brite answers your questionsFrag Ed04-08-04  08:18 am
I remember a story.....Simon Warren04-05-04  09:21 am
Trunk Stories #2Neddal03-26-04  05:58 am
Margaret-Atwood-What?.Jeremy Lassen03-08-04  05:11 pm
Bob Sheckley for Grand Master!Trent16 02-16-04  08:58 pm
Happy Birthday Everyone! The Discusion Board is 1 year old!JV13 02-06-04  05:57 am
New Music?Robert Devereux02-03-04  11:33 am
New market - submissions invitedNeil A27 02-03-04  03:49 am
Today In FictionJeremy Lassen02-02-04  10:52 am
Author IntroductionJohn Thiel01-23-04  07:38 am
Strategies for the fantasy resistantCatherynne Valente36 01-22-04  07:01 pm
San Francisco Bookstores?John Thiel12 01-16-04  07:42 am
The Lamp Alhazred UsedJohn Thiel01-12-04  07:20 am
7th Annual P&E Readers PollDave Kuzminski01-01-04  10:27 am
'Twas Denied Before ChristmasJohn Thiel12-24-03  05:55 pm
HELP: good threads?gabe12-14-03  06:55 am
Thanks Jason and JeremyNick Mamatas12-12-03  01:52 pm
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Needs You!John Borneman12-04-03  05:40 pm
Other Thingsconsonants12-01-03  03:21 pm
And you thought Margaret Atwood was bad. . . Neal Asher25 11-21-03  11:17 am
A Farewell to the FutureMichael Bishop14 10-30-03  09:59 am
So-Cal firesCheryl10-28-03  10:16 am
Washington BookstoresJohn Klima10-23-03  01:09 pm
Ugly ZinesJV21 10-09-03  06:48 am
DIRTY BOOTSJohn Thiel09-21-03  04:01 pm
TACHYON PUBLICATIONSGabrielM09-20-03  10:29 pm
King and National Book Foundation awardJeremy Lassen09-20-03  07:21 pm
The Man from MoMJohn Thiel09-02-03  08:51 am
Another reason novice writers should be confined to their housesJohn Thiel15 09-02-03  08:49 am
Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?GabrielM08-28-03  08:49 am
BEWILDERING newsBluechrome Marketeer08-27-03  05:58 am
SF in Granta? Believe it.Cheryl Morgan08-22-03  10:49 am
Alert:For the times / Great bookCarolinaa07-24-03  06:07 pm
Earthlight no more?!Cheryl Morgan07-23-03  01:23 am
Life is BeautifulJohn Klima17 07-16-03  11:59 am
Clarion FundingMaureen McHugh07-08-03  01:40 pm
Specfic news blogLiz Williams06-26-03  01:56 am
FCC AlertHarvey Jacobs06-11-03  03:16 pm
What's the difference?Ellen05-06-03  09:09 pm
Partisan Review closing downJeremy Lassen04-25-03  11:45 am
World Book DayRhys04-24-03  03:04 am
Award News...Jeremy Lassen04-23-03  02:08 pm
Stories to be read aloudPaul Beardsley16 04-19-03  01:57 pm
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