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Posted on Monday, October 31, 2005 - 12:35 am:   

I think Nemonymous has done well over the years, bearing in mind what was going against it from day one. Writers were probably Nemo’s most potential customers but they usually need to see their names in print alongside their work and, in many cases, they had a blind spot for Nemo. Also, there was the problem that ‘names’ couldn’t be advertised to sell each new Nemo anthology as and when it appeared. And then of course there was me!!

Nemo has crossed certain boundaries that will leave their mark, no doubt. I base this claim on various factors and reviews linked from, if anyone is interested.

The recent Project Pulp sales campaign for Nemo has done very well to date and I have high hopes for it in the long-term future.

However, I've come to the conclusion that it is unlikely that I shall ever have my 'line of sand' or 'glass ceiling' breached by enough buyers. I still have a large stock of traditionally printed, beautiful anthologies (ie Nemos 1 to 5) which will not be sold in the quantities needed for me, in all conscience, to commence work on Nemo 6. I do not wish to give false hopes. I owe it to Nemo to stand by my earlier expressed measurement of its success or otherwise.

I am unable personally to push this further myself with my poor skills of publicity, distribution and web design. Not defeatist. Just realistic. I am not currently investing more money to finance another anthology, although I could do so, if I wished.

Therefore, I cannot realistically ever foresee much beyond me saying now:

I think Nemo 5 will be the last Nemo. This is the only conclusion I can come to.

So there it is; Nemo folded.

It is better to be ‘folded’ than merely moribund, I’m sure you will agree.

Meanwhile, there are several critical reviews of all five anthologies on the stocks, having already been commissioned, and these will soon be published on the Internet to help Nemo be sold via Project Pulp over the next few years. I myself shall be here selling them until I drop.

So please support Nemo in the future whenever you can, as it remains a living vibrant entity inasmuch as it has many printed anthologies for people still to read.

I sincerely thank everyone who has supported Nemo in the past, and those writers whose great stories Nemo featured and still features, and Garry Nurrish who was a great artistic inspiration in its early years, and especially to Andy Cox throughout who skilfully interpreted and implemented my specifications regarding the physical Nemo you hold in your hands.

Because the authors in Nemo Five will not be ‘denemonised’ in print next year within Nemo Six, as hoped, I think it is only fair that I ‘denemonise’ them as soon as possible. And I show the official list below. I still intend to issue short bios of each one at some stage. Thanks and apologies to them all.

The Robot & The Octopus – Tony Ballantyne
Driving In Circles – Iain Rowan
Running Away To Join The Town – Paul Meloy
Solid Gold – Rachel Kendall
George The Baker – ?
The Hills Are Alive – Scott Tullis
Huntin’ Season – Monica O’Rourke
Well Tempered – Neil Williamson
The Scariest Story I Know – Scott Edelman
New Science – Gary McMahon
Soul Stains – Robyn Alezanders
Grandma’s Two Watches – Lavie Tidhar

As you know, all these stories were categorically accepted before knowing the identity of the authors (and I am the only one who will ever know who wrote ‘George The Baker’ at the author’s request). I feel it is a shame that this type of submission process may now die with Nemonymous – as will the sole opportunity in the market for an author to have a story printed initially as anonymous. Although, I hope others will come to fill the gap. A gap Nemonymous has provided.

I hope this expression of closure does not attempt to overblow the importance of Nemo, either now or in future retrospect. After all it is only one more Small Press magazine folding, as they have done many many times before over the years. I hope you will indulge this editor’s ‘self-epitaph’ for his mag bearing in mind it is only appearing on Nemonymous message boards and Nemonymous mailing lists!

Yours, DF Lewis

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Posted on Monday, October 31, 2005 - 09:05 am:   

Anyway, for those interested, as Nemo was and still is a hobby, and my records are not professional, what I say below is ball-park. I can't get to all the boxes in the cupboard without straining my back! I think I must have sold or given away (as review copies etc) about 250 each of N1&N2, so I've got about 250 each of N1&N2 left. Probably 200 gone and 300 left for each of N3&N4. It's early days with N5 - probably got rid of 150, have about 350 left.

Anyone who would like to do full reviews - to add to those already on the cards - of *any* Nemonymous anthology for me to put on the Nemo website (and link back to you), please let me know. Payment would be other Nemo anthologies.

Did anyone guess the above named authors in N5?


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Posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - 12:21 am:   

Many people have kindly written to me, some hoping that I will change my mind. I don't think it likely, but selves change, times change - and never say never. My prime objective is to sell the backlog because I desperately want new readers to read the things in my cupboard.

Nemo started in a pique of madness and is finishing in a veil of madness. Without the madness, Nemo would not have been Nemo.

I think I said before - my real regret in this is for the Nemo 5 authors who won't have their names in Nemo print as planned next year in Nemo 6. I hope they're not feeling too aggrieved with me. But this had to happen one day to one set of Nemo authors. Something that's never happened to anyone in the history of publishing. Like a lot of
things happened in Nemo that never happened before in publishing history! I'm proud to have taken these things through without too much upheaval - people have even begun to take these things as a matter of course!

I have today reduced the price to possibly something less than cost. Project Pulp is the sole area to buy it. I do not anticipate these prices changing in the future. The copies will never be given away (unless it is a serious review copy or a genuine gift to a friend) and if in due course they remain, I shall leave instructions that they are thrown away if anything should happen to me. So they must be sold.

*Then* I may change my mind. Unlikely though, as I feel at the moment.

Again, I hope all this does not overblow the demise of Nemo. It is just another Small Press mag folding (after a good run) as many have done in the past. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2005 - 07:27 am:   

Ralan has very kindly published my two farewell announcements here:
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Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - 12:21 am:   

Many people have written to me privately or publicly, since sending my first two announcements. I just choose two of the public ones below: from Lavie from Dominy

Everyone has been very positive about Nemo's past. Thank you everyone.

On the negative side, since making my announcement, sales of the backlog seem to have reduced as have the reviews of previous Nemo anthologies that I commissioned. I'd still be very grateful for a few of both!

But, all in all, Nemo now seems officially dead (flopped out at the bottom of its cage!) and that fact is slowly dawning on me.

I'm employing the time that I would have spent reading Nemo Six submissions in progresing with my own novel:

But this is as nothing compared to dealing with Nemonymous.
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Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - 03:58 am:   

Following all the feedback I received when placing 'Nemonymous' in some railway sidings somewhere south of North Tendring, I have decided that I will eventually do at least one more Nemonymous anthology - definitely ... but only when the current stock has been sold and, at the present rate, that will take at least five years.

That doesn't mean any one individual buying them up in a bulk order (an idea that one or two philanthropists have indeed toyed with in recent months!) - I need *genuine* sales from as many customers as possible. It's not the money necessarily, it's the paying customers Nemonymous needs!

When I do open to submissions, eventually, this will be on a new basis whereby out of, say, 500 anonymous submissions, I will choose, say, a 50 story shortlist - whose 50 authors will then make themselves known to me, from which pool I will then choose the final, say, 10 stories. The stories will still *appear* anonymously and later-labelled, just as in Nemonymous One. In 2001, I had not then started the anonymous *submission* procedure, so Nemo Six will be a halfway house between Nemo One and Nemo Five on that particular score.

Regarding Nemo Two, I note that Emmanuel Escobada has a new website:

Anyone who does a review of THE HAWLER (a first novel by DFL) in an independent outlet (online or print) will receive -- as a thank you and because they wouldn't be getting a tangible reviewer's copy of THE HAWLER -- either
1) a full set of Nemonymous 1-5 signed by me OR
2) a signed beautiful edition of WEIRDMONGER (The Nemonicon),
until stocks last.

Please talk to me in advance about where you intend to place your review, and I should be able to let you have the above BEFORE you embark on the project of reading and reviewing THE HAWLER.



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