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2011 News
My 2010 in Writing and Publishing
OCCULTATION by Laird Barron
'AGrA aSkA'
Keep up to date with DF Lewis
Welcome to the TENSES
Me reading aloud!
Mark Samuels
The 'Cool Sunlight' Syndrome
Elizabeth Bowen
New Stories (for Weirdmonger Wheel)
Small Press
The Baser Pulps
The Black Book of Horror (editor: Charles Black)
The Egnisomicon (1967)
Hello, Des
Classical Music
Plans for 2008
Des-perate measures
ONLY CONNECT - Free! (Pleasuring Elizabeth Bowen)
Small Press Cover Ark
Collaborations (FREE NEMO ONE!)
Bump for Books! (free Nemo 4)
The Nemonicon - Synchronised Shards of Random Truth & Fic...
'Weirdmonger' book - Free!
Just to keep up the 'last day' entries!
The Weirdmonger Wheel
Zencore Rite of Review
The Epifany of the Augusthog
Me and Tim
Menu of Threads
Sabian Symbols
What do you think of bump and kill?
Sale of my personally-owned books and mags
Life on Mars / Christopher Priest
Future Plans
High Weird / New Weird
Seven Miles To Kidwelly
Baffle fenestration
New Weirdmonger
Weirdmonger Wheel
'Weirdtongue' as a book!
Seventh birthday
Weirdtongue / Glistenberry Festival
The Apocryfan
The Fanblade Fables
Free Weirdmonger
Meta Filter
Are You A Lazy Writer?
Anyone want to publish my novel?
Hiver Jawn
Rudiments of Myth & Melancholy
Clickables for Weirdtongue
What Is Fiction?
Padgett Weggs
Another new idea!
Klaxon City
The Tenacity Of Feathers
Bring It On!
Childhood Memories
The Hawler
Ivy Compton-Burnett
A Nemonymous Navigation
Why do we do horror?
Weirdmonger Nemonicon
Climate Change
Thread For Those Aged 55 And Over
Mythly Is Near Manningtree
Editing and Publishing Small Press
Writers' Egos
Weirdmonger The Book
My Huge Project (& prize)
Clarity is blindness?
Why Do You Write on Message Boards?
Prize Competition
Marcel Proust
What is a literary experiment?
Style In Fiction
Magic(al) Fiction
The Visitor 1973
the candlemass stories
Classical Music (2)
'The Hawler'
Brand new fiction
How Am I Someone Else?
Proper Blog
The Hawler (part two)
The Angel Megazanthus
HORROR: Another 100 Best Books
Writing name anagrams
My SF Novel
Nemonymous Night
Majoring on Nemonymous
Quotations (2)
Short stories
High Weird
Lost Pages: D.F. Lewis special
Language Ever Chases The Noumenon
Reading Aloud
Britain's Favourite Woks of Fiction
Classical Music
Lord Dunsany
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