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Weird How This Forum Is Still Up
for foreign subscribers...part 2
September 2006 issue -- contents
Freakin' Stories of the Future?
Oct/Nov 2008 issue
Why Wait? December 2008
Scary Reviews on Amazon
General Writing Questions
Warning about web scam aimed at wannabe writers...
An Open Letter to Professional SF Writers
Budrys: "Writing to the Point"
A note for writers
What is the best way to help a publisher promote a scienc...
Writer from Germany seeking some Editorial advice
OT--What the heck is a writer's platform?
Writers conference
You see - YOU guys are writers. I don't seem to have the ...
Tokyo SF/F Writers?
Writers' Group? Any Interest?
Conventions, Are they useful for an aspiring writer?
Where new writers can find help
No Entry in Writer's Market '05?
What writing reference books do you use?
On Writing and Time
April-May issue
August 2008 F&SF
Deal for Cheap Back Issues
General Magazines Discussion
F&SF Circulation figures in the latest Locus
Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation?
Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
Is the Asimovs board off line?
Interview with Brian Bieniowski, slush reader of Asimov's...
F&SF Circulation?
Seeking ways to lift SF magazine circulations
Question of the day
FSF over Asimovs?
Black Petals magazine
Au revoir du Dozois?
Writing in spanish... be translated...
Spanish Short Story Review
The forum is back !
Are VR and Video Game Characters Sexy?
Warning for subscribers!
Gene Wolfe issue?
Odd Earth News
"Finisterra" wins 2008 Strugeon Award
Are you aware F&SF Forum is now...
A writer rants... (No, not me.)
Ker-Whang! The April F&SF Has Arrived In My Mailbox
Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008
July 2008 F&SF
Sept. 2008 issue of F&SF
Gordon Van Gelder Appreciation Thread
December 2007 issue of F&SF
Recent Movies Worth the Price of Popcorn
Wastelands edited by John Joseph Adams
New F&SF Column: Classic Pulp Story Revival
F&SF Wins Locus Award
Mars News
June 2008 F&SF
Story IDs
Space Travel
F&SF competition #76 is still open
Best SF Stories of 2008
JJA on vacation?
Great Storytelling vs Great Writing
Feb. 2008 issue of F&SF
Thanking F&SF for providing a Fictionwise edition
climate modifications gone bad?
Best SF magazine: F&SF or Asimov's???
2008 Nebula Fiction Winners
Taking advantage...
Vampire Academy
March 2008 issue of F&SF
May 2008 F&SF
Richard M. Elam, Jr. a pseudonym?
Just in case you don't live long and prosper
Science News
Gordon's Angels
Best Science Fiction books
Literary Revenge
The Two Lost Forums Have Been Found
SF Site Short SF Column
Language and the Brain
Music is the Language of Love
Subscription agencies and ordering on the net
BG 2007 Recommended Reading List
New F&SF website column: Nebula Apathy
Richard M. Elam Jr. a pseudonym?
Vague but not especially ambiguous congratulations
Dr. O and Mr. D.
Jan. 2008 favorite story poll
FSF renamed Bewildering Stories?
Jan. 2008 issue of F&SF
F&SF enters the blogosphere
Winter Movies
OffTopic: Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007
Last Man on Earth -- The Appeal
Interview: Richard Bowes on "If Angels Fight"
SF in Asia
Free Fiction: "First Tuesday" by Robert Reed
Happy 2008!!!
Oct/Nov 2007 issue
F&SF Authors
F&SF Authors
Albert E. Cowdrey email anyone?
Jane Roberts?
Robert Sheckley
Lucius Shephard's Reviews
Shadow Man
The Slush God Speaketh to Matthew Corradi
R.A. Heinlein
Harlan Is a Grandmater
John Joseph Adams interviewed on LitHaven
Interview with Jeremy Minton, Author of "Halfway House"...
Interview with Kelly Link
Interview with Aaron A. Reed, author of "Shutdown/Retrovi...
Interview with Kate Mason, author of "The Millstone"
Interview with George Tucker, author of "Welcome to Justi...
Interview with Jaye Lawrence, author of "Kissing Frogs"...
New Interview - Ef Deal
Interview with Mike Shultz, Author of "Old as Books" (F&S...
Ray Bradbury
Interview with F&SF Editor Gordon Van Gelder
July 2007 F&SF
Digital vs Analog
F&SF India Experiment
Happy Holidays!
Future Movies
New F&SF website column: Breakfast with Malzberg
"The Quest for Creeping Charlie" by James Powell -- an in...
Question about manuscript format
"Mars: A Traveler's Guide" by Ruth Nestvold -- an intervi...
April 2007 issue of F&SF
Rudy Van Gelder
F&SF towards 60 years
New Look for F&SF website
F&SF on European Newsstands?
Blowing My Own Horn
The Exploding Comet Mystery
March 2007 F&SF
I Have A Dream...
"The Bone Man" by Frederic S. Durbin - an interview
Market Advice
It's Turkey Week! Let's Talk Eating! (And Cooking)...
My Very Own YBSF
It's Wednesday! Let's Talk Boozing
"Finisterra" by David Moles - an interview
What Does "Smart" Mean:
protest the postal rate hike
Stories Not in F&SF
Writers Strike
Anyone not gotten their issue yet?
4-day turnaround on subs
Short fiction: Which magazines do you read?
After the first accepted submission, what then?
Looking to Purchase
September 2007 issue
F&SF competition: SF haiku
World Fantasy Awards
Joy in Mudville
F&SF Cover Art
Cover art
Back cover of the February issue
Back cover illustration
F&SF Covers
Classic pulp-magazine covers as mobile wallpapers
Cover art
Best American Short Stories 2007
Online critiques?
Death of the Short Story
Simultaneous Submissions
August 2007 issue
Does old language (thee, thou) turn you off?
In need of advice
The World is Flat - F&SF in India Question
"Goliath" Question
Best F&SF 2007 Stories
Quick question regarding the SASE
Tangent Online Announcement
Writer Groups in Spokane, Washington
Submissions/Cover Letters
Just a thank you to JJA
How much does it cost to take out a 2000 word ad?
Wrong names on rejections
Editorial Assistant John Joseph Adams and Fast Rejections
Making sense of rejections
Accept web published story?
No point to submit a flash to MFSF
Should I register my stuff before sending it out?
Pseudonym or real name? I gotta know!
Questions about submissions
Question: do you need to include a letter when you send o...
Update the postage in the guidelines page
Including a cell phone number from a foreign country?
Should I register my stuff before sending it out?
What my story submission cost me
What is the criteria to bypass JJA?
Planning to send stuff out, but I've questions
What percent of accepted stories get published
Cover letter question
Are writing contests worth doing?
What DON'T editors want to see, ever again? 2
Sex in F&SF?
How much real competition is there when submitting stories?
Some general submission questions
Some questions from an aspiring author
Why not send rejection slips by email?
Disposable Manuscripts
How short can a short story be?
Querying 'Foriegn serial rights'
Are editors too sophisticated as readers?
Do you accept midget stories?
What kinds of stories would F&SF like to see more of?
Do you consider reprints of e-published stories?
Cover Letters, are the necessary?
Possible nitpicky legal question
Splitting Up Longer Stories?
Simultaneous Submissions
A Trivial Question to the Editors on Here
Questions concerning Mars
Just starting out and i've got a few questions...
What constitutes "clean white bond?"
Some copyright questions
Copyright question
Editing story titles
E-mailing the Editors
Funny Slush
Fantasy content in F&SF
What DON'T Editors want to see, ever again?
Does reading slush affect your reading for fun?
Two in the slush pile?
Reading Rejection Letter Tea Leaves
Question for Gordon or JJA---please read
Question about profanity taboo
Formatting query for JJA
F&SF Cover Sheet, and Submissions Font
The usual writing dilemma's
Enough rejections, what about acceptance?
Do editors reject stories for political or religious reas...
Expletives in FSF magazine
Submission question
Best Cover Letter? Worst Cover Letter Cliches?
Submission query: quotation usage
Submission Question
Question about online workshops
Resubmitting a piece after revisions
A question about submitting a story
How Many Times is Story Read Before Buying It?
What DON'T Editors want to see, ever again (again)?...
Is Times New Roman...
Would a bizarre, dark storyline written humorously get i...
The Name on the Rejection Slip
Flash fiction
Rejection/Accept/Delay Question
JJA on Vacation -- Don't Panic
A Legal Question for Those Much Smarter Than I
Multiple choice cover letter question
Period. Space. Space? or Period. Space?
Fast Rejections--page 2
A General Submission Question
I just received my first rejection
Potential odball story!
Need a Few Details on Postage
Copyright Question
If I sent F&SF the prologue of my novel, would...
Books r gettin om my god**n nerves
May 2007 F&SF
March 2007 Favorite Story Poll
New F&SF website column, 9/07, Dozois & New Space Opera...
F&SF Issues - Tables of Contents, Discussion
January 2006 issue -- contents
March 2006 F&SF -- contents
February 2006 issue -- contents
June 2005 F&SF -- contents
September 2005 issue
December 2005 issue
Archived Issues of F&SF
Oct/Nov 2005 F&SF issue -- contents
August 2004 issue -- contents
April 2004 issue---contents
October/November Issue
July 2005 issue -- contents
Summary: F&SF, 2005
August 2005 issue – contents
September 2005 issue
Arrival of September issue
September 2005 issue
July 2004 issue -- contents
April 2005 F&SF -- contents
May 2005 F&SF -- contents
The Growlimb Jan 2004
Feb. 2005 issue -- contents
June 2005: Bedfellows
March 2005 issue -- contents
'Glinky' by Ray Vukcevich (June, 2004)
An idea you may want to consider Gordan, or not.
January 2005 issue---contents
Oct./Nov. 55th Anniversary Issue
March 2004 issue -- contents
December 2004 issue---contents
June 2004 issue -- contents
Summary of F&SF Fiction 2004
September 2004 issue
May 2004 Issue -- Contents
I just received the May edition of F&SF... wait, May?
GVG Wins Hugo as Best Editor, Short Form!
Credit where credits due
The Facts About F&SF Speak For Themselves
July F&SF Website column: Logorrhea, Death & Despair
Geoff Ryman's "Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy)"...
February 2007 issue
June 2007 F&SF
What is your daily practice?
F&SF online column: Sturgeon/Campbell Awards
SF/F/H Short Fiction Project
As Seen in the Pages of F & SF
What is your daily practice?
Solitary journeys
For Foreign Subscribers to F&SF
Cory Doctorow Spots New SF Podcast!
Grammar question
Meet me in St. Louis
F&SF Readers' Awards?
The second step
What percentage of FSF readers want to be sf writers?
Death of the Short Story
E-mail rejections?
The Imago Sequence
Traveling into magical books
Twist stories and slush
New science fiction podcast
The big subscription lottery
Haiku and Scifaiku
Flash Fiction
Interview with Gordon Van Gelder
Matthew Hughes Auction
2007 Campbell/Sturgeon winners
Off On a Tangent
Which industry magazine should I read?
F&SF Wins Locus Award as Best Magazine
New F&SF website column: Paraspheres & Mainstreaming SF...
2007 Nebula Awards
Novel ID
Subscription renewal
Questions about Simultaneous Submissions
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) ...
Would anyone like fantasy poetry?
New F&SF website column: The Weird, The Whacky, The Proph...
Does a Podcast Make a Story a Reprint?
"Just Do It" podcast
What does Gordon Van Gelder read?
Guess what this means . . .
Some thoughts on online magazines
Search for info on particular Wolheim's Annual World's Be...
regarding lifetime subscriptions
"Titanium Mike Saves the Day" FSF 4/07
Message for the Slush God
New F&SF Online Column--Alien Invasion
Truesdale F&SF article on manumission
Request for help identifying a book, please?
F&SF 2007 Nebula Nominees
New F&SF Online Column--Alien Invasion
Thanks for the Wolfe issue and a suggestion.
For readers of French
Help out Pandemonium Books in Boston
Story ID
Issue containing Anne McCaffrey Short.??????
Story ID
Name That Story
Harry Turtledove, Prophet
Creative Commons
a few questions for a story id like to submit
three story IDs
Spaceship Hull-How "sciency" should it be
Gene Wolfe issue?
Locus Recommended Reading List for 2006
Discussions of Individual Stories in F&SF
Matthew Hughes's "A Little Learning"
John Morressy's "A Life in the Day of Eb and Flo"...
The Calorie Man by Paolo Bacigalupi
Twilight States
Kit Reed's "The Zombie Prince"
"The End of the World As We Know It" by Dale Bailey
"Chester" by David Gerrold
Identifying Old Stories
Trying to identify an FSF story from the 1950s
Looking to identify three stories
Two F&SF-stories
Identifying old stories
Trying to find story with Ambrose Bierce as subject
Need help finding the name of a short story
Help me find Swamp Thing story in F&SF
Does anyone know where to find ....?
Does anyone know where to find ....?
Name this F&SF story and author ... please help
Another "Name That Book" thread
Name of a unique 1970's Science Fiction Movie please...
Looking for story about snoring guy
Trying to Identify story and author God/Lucifer war 60's/...
Need help remembering author of story series.
Short Story: I thought it was titled Notes from the Field...
Ashort story titled"The alien" or "resurrection"...
Trying to identify a story
Does anyone recognize this story?
Anyone know the title of this story, and the issue?
Does anyone recognize this story?
Help a subscriber identify a story?
Can anyone identify this story?
Looking for an old story ...
Remembering a story
Story id?
Title & author?
Who was that author?
Subscription Questions
Damaged Subscriptions
What is the deal w/ Weird Tales/Absolute Magnitude subscr...
Subscription payment question
Subscription Fears
Cancellation of subscription
Fictionwise sale on e-subscriptions
Subscription Rates?
Subscription Invoices
Subscribing to F&SF question
Subscribing from abroad
Subscripton agencies
John Joseph Adams/The Slush God
JJ Adams Internet Review of Science Fiction
Message For JJ Adams
Calling John Joseph Adams
Special Edition - Edited by JJA
JJA's Campaign to Get Into Ansible
F&SF Humor Competitions
It was a dark and stormy planet . . .
Enter the F&SF Humor Competition
F&SF Humor Competition
F&SF Humor Competition #70
Awards Discussions
The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
Some questions about the Hugo Awards
Congratulations to F&SF's 2003 Hugo Award Nominees
Hugo and Nebula awards
F&SF wins 2004 Locus Award for Best Magazine
Speculative Literature Foundation announces Fountain Awar...
Anybody know anything about the Lindbergh award for fanta...
Hugo Awards 2004
2004 The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards
Tiptree Award
2005 Hugo Awards
2004 Nebula Award Winners
Speculative Literature Foundation announces 2nd Annual F...
F&SF wins Locus award
"Sergeant Chip" wins Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award...
2005 World Fantasy Award nominees
World Fantasy Award(Congrats to Michael Shea)
Charles L. Harness(1915-2005)?
Andre Norton
Author Andre Norton has died...
Collecting Books, Magazines
Searching for a copy of a certain 1962 issue ... can u help?
Old issues - collecting
TCO selling old F&SF issues
Special single-author issues
Used Book Store With Most F&SF Issues, 1957-Mid-80s
1951-1969 F & SF For Sale
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Expand/Collapse TopicNew Lit Haven
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Expand/Collapse TopicRatbastards
Expand/Collapse TopicThackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discred...
Expand/Collapse TopicWeird Tales / HP Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror / Fantasy...
Expand/Collapse TopicAguirre, Forrest
Expand/Collapse TopicAnders, Lou
Expand/Collapse TopicAsher, Neal
Expand/Collapse TopicAylett, Steve
Expand/Collapse TopicBattersby, Lee
Expand/Collapse TopicBishop, K.J.
Expand/Collapse TopicBishop, Michael
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Expand/Collapse TopicCadigan, Pat
Expand/Collapse TopicCalder, Richard
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Expand/Collapse TopicMamatas, Nick
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Expand/Collapse TopicMoore, Nancy Jane
Expand/Collapse TopicMorgan, Richard
Expand/Collapse TopicNazarian, Vera
Expand/Collapse TopicPeek, Ben
Expand/Collapse TopicPicacio, John
Expand/Collapse TopicPiccirilli, Tom
Expand/Collapse TopicPratt, Tim
Expand/Collapse TopicRoberson, Chris
Expand/Collapse TopicRoberts, Mark
Expand/Collapse TopicRodrigues, Luis
Expand/Collapse TopicRossi, Matthew
Expand/Collapse TopicRowan, Iain
Expand/Collapse TopicSheckley, Robert
Expand/Collapse TopicShepard, Lucius
Expand/Collapse TopicSparks, Cat
Expand/Collapse TopicStrahan, Jonathan
Expand/Collapse TopicStraub, Peter
Expand/Collapse TopicSwainston, Steph
Expand/Collapse TopicTambour, Anna
Expand/Collapse TopicTem, Steve Rasnic
Expand/Collapse TopicThomas, Jeffrey
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Expand/Collapse TopicVan Pelt, James
Expand/Collapse TopicVanderMeer, Jeff
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Expand/Collapse TopicWitcover, Paul
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