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March 07 features
"Tin Toys that Never Were" - Lewis P. Morley's art...
A.C.E. Bauer's newest essay
December Virtuous Medlar Circle: Sir David Ball and A.C.E...
November Virtuous Medlar Circle: Aylett special, ACE Bauer
December Virtuous Medlar Circle: Sir Robert Ball and A.C....
Slimy Love
"Denature those chain letters"
September issue out
The Mary Quant jelly thing, and other surprises
Spotted Lily
The Press
"We need to beautify the site to attract tourists,"
Wanted: Your aphorisms and epigrams
The Gold-Plated Coconut Prize
Political spew
The Virtuous Medlar Circle
I've got a lower IQ than slime mold
All you've ever wanted to know about medlars
June's Virtuous Medlar Circle
Alistair Rennie's "Oysters - a few words" in Virtuous Med...
May's Virtuous Medlar Circle
Interview of Vera Nazarian and more in April's Virtuous M...
Interview in Chronicles Network
Health, disease, transplants, and "the century of biology...
Medlar Comfits - a blog
Three Poems by Mark Rich in March Virtuous Medlar Circle
March '06 edition of Anna Tambour and Others
"Mama" by Bharatram Gaba in March Virtuous Medlar Circle...
"Are you mad?"- an interview of Donna Maree Hanson
A.C.E. Bauer: "A love story" March '06 "In the rabbit hol...
The Medlar Comfits Cooking Guide: Lesson 1— Peppering an...
Congrats on Crawford!
February edition of Anna Tambour and Others
"Breathing water and pine" by A.C.E. Bauer in her "In the...
"On Reading New Books" by Steve Aylett in Feb Virtuous Me...
"Simeon the Monkey" by Lyn Battersby in Feb Virtuous Medl...
3 Poems by Robert DeGraaff in Feb Virtuous Medlar Circle
"Anew Day" by Claude Lalumière in Virtuous Medlar Circle...
"A Stone to Mark My Passing" by Lee Battersby
"Let's Talk" by Ferris Gilli
New "Irresistibles"
"It's only a children's book" by A.C.E. Bauer in Virtuous...
The Kiss
Feeling Like a Man Again
Lots more in main site this month.
Science Fiction vs Fantasy?
Chuck McKenzie's "Cat Flap" in Virtuous Medlar Circle...
A story you've never read before, by an author you might ...
Alice B's new column in Virtuous Medlar Circle
"a different kind of children's book"
Vanity Press
Military Technology
"You Will Not Outlive Your Copyright (and Neither Will Yo...
Your Dragon Page Interview is Up!
October's Virtuous Medlar Circle: Taaffe, Robson, Lundber...
Explosively bletted medlars! 1st b'day
Rack 'em up-and get a mike to those popping bones
Post-Katrina response: actions, attitudes, policies
Surrealism lives! in journalism
New in Virtuous Medlar Circle
Dragon Page book forum. Want to say/ask something pre-int...
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bulwer-Lytton
Stories by Deborah Biancotti and Paul Haines in Virtuous ...
The Bletted Medlar Award for Publishing Excellence
Spotted Lily review: Publishers Weekly
Legal Guide for Bloggers
Microsoft, Yahoo, Google censor freedom
SPOTTED LILY is selected as Locus New and Notable
L Timmel Duchamp's "Isabetta di Pietro Cavazzi" in Virtuo...
Rhys Hughes' "The Don Entrerrosca Trilogy" in Virtuous Me...
Locus Review of SPOTTED LILY
Chickens and donkeys at Conflux 2005 in Canberra
Jason Erik Lundberg's "Two Cranes in One Day" in Virtuous...
New story on infinity plus, interview
Huevos Revueltos
Classic childhood conception/misconception
"Can of Worms" now online
Invited: "Why I review"
Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales &
Links to be updated weekly. New ones now on.
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