Hodgson, William Hope - Collected Fiction vol. 2

Size: 467 pages

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The second volume of our Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson.


Introduction by Jeremy Lassen

The House on the Borderland

Carnacki the Ghost Finder
o The Gateway of the Monster
o The House Among the Laurels
o The Whistling Room
o The Horse of the Invisible
o The Searcher of the End House
o The Thing Invisible
o The Haunted Jarvee
o The Find
o The Hog

Other Tales of Mystery and Suspense
o The Goddess of Death
o The Terror of the Water-Tank
o Bullion
o The Mystery of the Water-Logged Ship
o The Ghosts of the 'Glen Doon'
o Mr. Jock Danplank
o The Mystery of Captain Chappel
o The Homecoming of Captain Dan
o Merciful Plunder
o The Haunting of the Lady Shannon
o Heathen's Revenge

A Note On The Texts

Illustrations by Jason Van Hollander.

Hardcover 978-1-892389-40-4
467 Pages $35.00
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