Cook, Glen - Passage at Arms

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The ongoing war between Humanity and the Ulat is a battle of attrition that humanity is unfortunately losing. However, humans have the advantage of trans-hyperdrive technology, which allows their climber fleet, under very narrow and strenuous conditions, to pass through space almost undetectable. Passage at Arms tells the intimate, detailed and harrowing story of a climber crew and its captain during a critical juncture of the war. Cook combines speculative technology with a canny and realistic portrait of men at war and the stresses they face in combat. Passage at Arms is (or should be!) one of the classic novels of military science fiction.

Jacket illustration by John Berkey.

Trade Paperback 978-1-59780-067-9
234 Pages $14.95

Mass Market 978-1-59780-119-5
234 Pages $7.99

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