Drake, David - The Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 1

Size: 400 pages

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Night Shade Books is proud to present The Complete Hammer's Slammers. This three volume collection presents, for the first time, David Drake's genre-defining Slammers series in a uniform hardcover set.

This volume features all of the Hammer's Slammers short fiction, as well as all of the interstitial material from the original Slammers collection, as well as new artwork, and new interstitial material. The first volume will feature an introduction by Gene Wolfe. Also included is an original Slammers story, "A Death in Peacetime".

* Introduction by Gene Wolfe
* Foreword: Becoming a Professional Writer by Way of Southeast Asia
* Under the Hammer
* The Butcher's Bill
* But Loyal to His Own
* Caught in the Crossfire
* Cultural Conflict
* Hangman
* Standing Down
* Code-Name Feirefitz
* The Interrogation Team
* The Tank Lords
* Liberty Port
* Night March
* The Immovable Object
* The Irresistible Force
* A Death in Peacetime
* Afterword: Accidentally and by the Back Door
* Backdrop to Chaos
* The Bonding Authority
* The Church of the Lord's Universe
* Powerguns
* Supertanks
* Table of Organization and Equipment, Hammer's Regiment

Jacket art by John Berkey.

The limited edition will be bound in leather, and will be signed by Drake, Wolfe and Berkey, and will contain an extra piece of artwork by Berkey. Limited to 250 copies.

Hardcover 978-1-892389-69-5
400 Pages $35.00

Limited Edition 978-1-892389-70-1
400 Pages $60.00
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