Erikson, Steven - The Lees of Laughter's End

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Coming June 3, 2009

West of Theft, on a vast stretch of ocean known as the Wastes, the free-ship Suncurl pilots its way along the Lees of Laughter's end, away from the city of Lamentable Moll. Aboard the ship, three passengers have become the subject of the crew's gossip: the luckless manservant Emancipor Reese, and his masters, the homicidal necromancers known as Bauchelain and Korbal Broach...

But a bizarre force pursues them along the cursed sea-lane known as Laughter's End, even as an arcane thing awakens aboard the Suncurl. What secrets do the captain and her First Mate conceal from the rest of the crew? What lurks in the darkness of the ship's hold? And what of the eunuch's strange behavior... or his frightening offspring?

Continuing the storyline of Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and their unlucky servant Emancipor Reese originally set down in the novellas Blood Follows and The Healthy Dead, The Lees of Laughter's End continues to expand the epic world of Stephen Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. Steven Erickson (Gardens of the Moon, Dead House Gates) delivers a rousing, gritty, black-humor-filled adventure that is reminiscent of Fritz Leiber's best Lankhmar fiction.


"Blending the barbaric color of Leiber with some of Cabell's drollery, Erikson propels his tale with vim and glee."
- Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's

"Steven Erikson is an extraordinary writer."
- Stephen R. Donaldson

"I stand slack-jawed in awe..."
- Glen Cook

"With Erikson's typical cast of memorable and eccentric characters and localities, the author spins a tale of horror and mystery that should delight both fans and initiates alike."
- SF Site

"Erikson's mix of the heavily supernatural and graphically gory... may disconcert some readers... But readers who like [China] Mieville are likely to enjoy this."
- Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

"Erikson is making... dark characters and grisly battles very much his own... and fantasy readers with a strong appetite for world building and action ought to enjoy his efforts."
- Booklist

Hardcover 978-1-59780-144-7
128 Pages $25.00

Limited Edition 978-1-59780-145-4
128 Pages $49.00
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